SHAKTI’ means POWER and ‘SHANTI’ means PEACE, our intention being that when you slip into Shakti Shanti Yoga Wear, you feel so comfortable, supported and good about yourself that you can access your POWER in PEACE, with complete confidence, love and respect for your unique being.

Shakti Shanti is inspired to serve as a platform for Yoga education, to affirm that Yoga is for everyone, regardless of religion, body shape, race or any other discriminating factors. Everything about Shakti Shanti is based on Yogic principles, with respect for all beings, in tune with nature and created locally, in South Africa.

All our garments are made in South Africa, as we are committed to supporting our local industry; we use the highest quality natural fibers, which are Earth-Friendly and feel luxurious against the skin. Our styles are unique because we rely on our creative yogic and feminine intuition to guide us.

Our ACTIVE WEAR is made from 90% durable & supportive cotton - the 10% stretch allowing the garment to recover perfectly after bending and stretching. 

Our OVER YOGA & LEISURE WEAR range, made in a soft & flowing viscose/spandex fabric is a stylish choice of attire to wear over your yoga/active wear, as well out on the town. They are mostly designed to cover the butt and offer a chic and trendy addition to your active wear on your way to & from yoga or gym; running around town or relaxing at home.

Not only do we want to make exceptional quality yoga wear, we want to embody yogic principles in our business dealings too. It is so important to us that this PEACEFUL ENERGY (Shakti Shanti) surrounds every employee, every relationship, every transaction and every design.

We are sure you too will fall in love with Shakti Shanti as the QUALITY, COMFORT and DESIGN speak for themselves. Add to this the ETHICAL factor, and you will be amazed how good it feels to EMBODY THE POWER OF PEACE.

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